The MOST DRAMATIC SHOOT - Shot by Steven Meisel

This is the first Louis Vuitton campaign ever to evoke so exactly the ambiance of the fashion show. I am convinced it is definitely the best successfully promotion way of the collection to buyers.The whimsical unprecedented levels of know-how and attention to detail were deployed to create a compelling restatement of the romance of travel, true to the heritage of Louis Vuitton. On the first Look itself i was stunned my the way cameras had capture the collections souls on a vivid location. This campaign alone proves that the location to photo shoot, is a vital factor. 

I was inspired and could relate to the way they have taken the models out of the usual white studio and attempted to create something that is a long way, away from being ‘boring’ – a setting that is putting high end fashion, into every day life.

The appreciate this brilliant and clean cut advertisement.{HATS TREND} I admire the use of accessories (bags and hats) {in picture below}. The hats used in this campaign are so eye catching and interesting, they alone create a clear focal point for the campaign that a viewer simply wouldn’t be able to just flick the page. 

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Louis-Vuitton-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-ad-campaignNo doubt about the use of beautiful fabrics, elaborate brocades, fascinating patterns and big suitcases reflects the old glamour of travel which made Louis Vuitton spent $ 8 million to create “The Special Train” studio set-up. That leaves me with a question on mind, Is this spend-well most dramatic shoot of the year is worth distinction ?

louis 5