Fashion Calling : ELEGANT 1920’s

The era of fashion that embrace decadence, sophistication and allure gratification of sheer unmatched beauty of women.Amazing decade the “glamour Jazz Age” which still glows bright and high.This magnificent era holds so much depth of real tangible freedom of self expression. We often spotting beauties in embrace beading, feathers, headbands and all things opulently sparkly. Rapidly descending waist and rising hemline dressing trend that rocked the Fashion circle. Think seductive slips;dark lip colour; bouncy bob curls under cloche hats… the 1920’s is pure fashion fantasy. The result is elegance, almost indescribable exquisite timeless beauty is what this trend depicts is life of every look-book fantasy.

It even appeals me to reinvent this mystique into my wardrobe.Its like taking inspiration from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ for me. I deeply connect to this transition of all embellishments of the past into my modern clothes. on that note, it even interests me is to know will you embrace 1920′s chic into your wardrobe ?

Coco Chanel , the mother of 1920 fashion creation said “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” 1920s is that fashion which is still famous because it was a huge shift from the previous era.

In news and inspiring the global fashion: PRADA on its way to bring in a new creation “1920’s fashion” for her collection for “THE GREAT GATSBY”.It will be a first approach of this era’s fashion interpretation. Miuccia Prada told US Vogue: ”I usually try not to literally reference periods in my work, because that’s not the way I think. But when I worked on the costumes, I realised how many pieces could become very 1920s with a little intervention and another point of view.”

Contemporary 1920’s fashion means :

1. All natural nudes. Ivory & all that vintage shades are a must in your wardrobe.

2. Time to highlight those  Scarves,head-ware like cloche hat, seamless stockings, metal bracelets to get identified as the modern 1920’s women.

3.The flapper costume is a staple.Beaded flapper dresses is the modern effect to it. 

4.  Shapeless dress ,breezy skirts, printed kimono and low-cut tops in summers and trendsetter velvet duster coats for winters are your next buy.

5. Make up and set the entire mood the fringed look ,dark lips , smoke eyes are your next tutorial task. 


Don’t forget to share your comments will you embrace 1920′s chic into your wardrobe ?