HIDESIGN initiates ‘The Art of Reuse’

The Art of Reuse is an engagement project to support and encourage the practice of recycling used material to create new products – by HIDESIGN.

HIDESIGN recognized as an eco friendly leather goods brand, LAUNCHED the art of reuse as a contest in 2011 to encourage the practice of upcycling used materials, which one discards as waste or redundant goods into new materials/products of better quality with a higher environmental value. the initiative was started in form of a CONTEST.

The brand has consistently tried to create space in its consumers’ mind on the importance of being eco friendly, using natural elements, and impressing upon the beauty of the handcrafted.

This year continuing the noble work, the brand took the one step further by stressing on the need of RECYCLE and REUSE.  The contest this year also closed with many creative designs contributing to its motive of sustainable fashion.

have a look at some of the interesting works:



On the 25th of September, three winners will be selected who will receive Hidesign gift vouchers worth Rs. 15000, Rs. 10000 and Rs. 5000 respectively. To vote and support the cause : FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: VOTE AND SHARE

To know more about the brand : HIDESIGN