Kerala Calling

“Green Heaven on Earth” my experience to a new side of India which left an enduring ever lasting impression on the mind. The Asia’s top ten travel destination “God’s Own Country” which takes pride of its rich cultural heritage repertoire do influences diverse audience.The People, Culture & Lifestyle is blessed with the essence of this beautiful state. On my very first visit itself the synthesis of alluring natural beauties, eccentric  cuisine ( authentic which tastes exceptional awesome & looks very indifferent) in this region has hold my attention. Even though language had its barrier, those soulful glance of Keralites simple down to earth folks, who likes to live in their own world of simplicity and originality made me connect with them. The simple emphasis on health,hygiene and education makes life worth quality to live here. Living here is like an every-day adventure. Apart from my visits to tea estates, I have even noticed the plateau are magnificent ! The quality spend time  with cool weather, orchards, nurseries, farmlands, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and wildlife encourages me to visit often.


Time has passed, It being 4 years ever since we met. I haven’t realised when and how I too deeply entwined into his culture and tradition as mine.I have experienced best of the fusion of old traditions and new values of this place and those are moments i purely rejoice. It deeply moved me to see those ancient festival which still survives here in this modern time.The state festival of Kerala “Onam” is one such unique celebration I have experienced. It is the celebration of rice harvest festival where we even witness flowers rain’s is form of decoration in the front of the home and temples. Popular know as Pookkalam is considered as a symbol for secularism, this a multi-coloured floral decoration is quite creative.The wonder watch is those decorated elephants. Glorious !


Onam is the time majority buys the onakkodi (the new clothes worn on this day). My personal love for clothing even keens me to observe the dressing sense these region emphasis.The natives of Kerala follow a very ordinary dress code and do not believe in showing off. During special events,ceremonial occasions and even weddings, they prefer to dress simple.Interesting to spot are the younger generation who also prefer this basic clothing. Staple statement wear is the Set-sari (Kerala sari) the clothing of women in Kerala, South. It is worn as a garment that closely resembles the mundum neriyathum (set-mundu) which men wears across all class.

 Mundu, very unique in its own style is a white cloth draped around the waist, which covers the waist to the ankles worn by men of this region. This statement attire is meant class to even affluent circle of the society. The traditional sari, in white with golden border is what every woman in this region prefers for auspicious occasion. The Cluster who follows fashion wears anything from jeans to salwar kameez even found spotting their traditional wear quite often.



The Malayali way of life is balanced and unassuming; they are very particular about their health and are conscious about sticking to a balanced diet. The experience of their elaborate food spread “sadya” is very much unique. Sadya is even the feast spread which is served on banana leaves and serves rice along with at least an array of 4 dishes. Traditional pickles and papadam are also served. Dessert is usually ‘payasam’, a sweet dish made of milk, sugar and other traditional Indian savories. 


Other interesting cultural art that excites me about this region is The “Athachamayam,” which is a street parade accompanied by decorated elephants and floats, musicians, and men dressed in various traditional Kerala art forms. The Traditional celebration dance “kaikottikali” which is an origin from the state, quite slow though is interesting to watch. The snake boot race “Vallamkali” which is also one major attraction and unique competition practiced in local groups.



watch the video to enjoy a Kaikottikali performance: 

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