Trend in AD world

Ad world seeds the presence of any brand. AD has the power to mend & bend the form of Communication to remain in mind of its target audience.Traditionally the market has been bifurcated on identity and product origin. The publicity moreover concentrated on gender and demographics focus popularly.Once upon a time the STEREOTYPES generic advertising has come a long way since then. The Division publicity in form of Gender ,Usage,Target.Class etc rather seems vague at present.

Brand Advertisement

Emerging ad world is more of a tempt and appeals versatile out-look . The demand is go beyond ordinary conceptual. The lifestyle and personalityof consumers has broaden apart with types like cross- gender consumerism and fictitious lift across segments. Do you know the popular Home name “LUX” familiar as the beauty soap today was a “Toilet shop” ! Weird and Fun is to watch the journey of this “Bathing Soap” . The realization is “Trend in AD world” has the ability to mark and convince action of choice.    
LUX is one product who’s change face is one competence and ideal case to prove the capacity of ad world’s visions. A Toilet shop indeed turns confession of Zeenat’s “beauty secret” and ends up becoming the metro sexual men beauty conceal.  
 whats next ?