Considered to be the “rebels” and “crazies” in the streets. But then I sense them the ladies with inheritance influential look who had made a great effect on the culture/era about we dress today!. 

{Truth Unfolds} No skin show was what the “acceptable” art of women dressing that made a revolutionary fashion freedom when she attempted to dress her comport or moreover her choice and not what is acceptable ! The effort even inspired clothing of popular films, popular music, and other arts of our century.

{hippie or mode, who cares?} she is the woman who wears A-line silhouette and shockingly high hemline,loves box dresses and mini skirts with the signature prints “floral” on it. The Necklines are boat neck / turtleneck / peter pan collar. Enjoys those bell-shaped jackets ,exaggerated collars and cuffs and go-go boots.

Accessories choices are : Shoulder-grazing earrings, huge post studs, stacked bangles, and strands of chunky plastic bead necklaces.

Iconic hairstyle : the towering, shellacked beehive, often wrapped with a bold scarf or headband.

Makeup love is more about emphasis on the eyes with cat-eye liner, thick faux lashes, and strong eyebrows. Lips are nude, or given a hint of color with some shiny clear gloss or pale pink matte lipstick.

I deeply relish the style-fact that hippies fashion trends made clothing for work and leisure a very informal and casual look for us. {picture below} Personally I am a baby boomers and do not hesitate to flaunt flowers in my hair 🙂 I prefer and do lossy hair styles with artificial flower tiaras or even real flowers gives on them quite often. I love the pure sense of peace and love it display to my overall attire.

{Just Saying} at times i do wonder how deprived fashion glories would have being without such hippies & mod arts!

The ethnic day

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