Fashion has always taken interesting twists and turns, many phase has influence us with different color but I am the sensual,authoritative & powerful who evoke strong emotions and too much of me can be overwhelming.I am the lady in Black, one Classic color that has remained the mystic attention to every attire. The Sophisticate Symbol of Fashion is to dress black out in this mystic darkness. That raised this random though into my mind : when did black the color of “dark and disgrace wear turned into  “most fashionable wear” ?

Strange and seems over is the affair when Indian cultural called it a taboo and curse restricting women to step out wearing beautiful black in occasions,festivals and specially weddings.The colour in focus today, originally upsurged from the fashion houses of Paris and London to make black an acceptable wear . Slowly and gradually the same is directed at the fashion elites were the rich, the glamorous and the chic blend in the black style to pose the depth of the colour holds. The most staple is today Chanel’s revolutionary “little black dress” for the elite lady of style entered black into a new era of fashion.Christian Dior made  the popular “black afternoon dress and jacket” for elite women who were super fashion conscious.Then with passing generation “the dynamic” – Black is the color of most fashionable look.

Progressive trend darting that black smoky eyes makes you the” magic lady walking the lamplight ” following was that black lipstick and nail polish makes you “the EMO girl of town” but trending high and hot is black dress which makes you “the most sexiest lady of the spotlight “. Every women today desires her closet to must have a

1. “Black bag/clutch

2. ” “Black nail-paint”

3. “Black Kajal & mascara”

4. “black heels/stilettos”

5. “black sensual lingerie “

So don’t shy away to reflect your Magical Black out style !