Fever Online


Shopping Portals trending this season meets shopper with a boon. The Delight is to see brands shop online too bangs offers unlimited. The price markdown at brand site influences shoppers even browse more and shop web. The concept encourages easy and cheap shop at the website and wear desired Brand. Does that really work?

The experience seems like a complete package to many. Likewise he also contemplates for hours and made the choice to pay Rs 1599 for a Levi’s denim worth Rs 2599. I know he is not so conscious and active fashion lover. So the bargain might seem fair to him but rather what’s more important is unknown him about how to choose?

Do we blame the brand for the eager wait of 10 days ends and the after purchase disappointment scenario he went through? The shocking comment he made is” I might think of brand shift since the products made him look fat!”

An amateur shopper decisions to buy desire fit online should never be the choice. He ordered the pants online because the model wore made it look worth style. Apart from the obvious issue of finding the right size without trying the clothes on, he took the decision to fit the same looking at a photo of a model wearing an item of clothing.The way a dress fits her/him body has nothing to do with how it is going to fit yours. In addition, many photos in online catalogs are taken from flattering angels and conceal the fact that the back was gathered with pins or that a certain clothing item simply isn’t very flattering. Whenever I see a photo where the model is sitting down, or bending, or standing at an obvious angle to the camera, I immediately suspect that an effort was made to hide the fact that the item just isn’t very flattering.

Having said all that, shopping online for clothes can certainly be done. I should know – I’ve been doing it for years! The secret is to know yourself, your body, and your measurements. Be sure of what fits you and know what suits you.

You should definitely accept that many online clothing purchases will have to be returned. If you enjoy shopping online or someplace who lives in cities where you don’t have easy access to stores, try to choose retailers that offer free shipping. Or else you will end up spending a lot of money each year in shipping costs. Prefer sites that offer free return shipping and store credit instead of refunds. Hope this information helps the online shopping lovers. If you have faced the same problem like my friend, I advise you to be careful next time you buy online.