Fashion: BAROQUE

I thank the Roman Catholic Church who encouraged the popularity and success of this style in its early stages. Originated around 1600 in Rome, Italy and then spread to most of the Europe. The Unique feature this style focuses does influence fashion deeply then and even now. The style unfolds the ability to express exaggerated motion and clear minds through its artworks. The fashion which is inspired by easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, literature, dance, and music is Baroque. What I rejoice is the statement trend “broad lace or linen collars” this fashion bought into our life.

 If you are already aware, this popular fashion has replaced that long, lean line with the low waist for both men and women which are staple bottom wear rule in today’s trend. Even those voluminous sleeves of the shirt or chemise beneath are the eccentric gifts of this fashion to us. This iconic style of Western European clothing is characterized by the tall/ broad hats with brims popular among men. Whereas, as a women we got to experience “Classic Fashion” in form of those tightly corseted, with a low, broad neckline and dropped shoulder. Pure Diva isn’t it?

Funny and weird though in-vogue, this period also marked the rise of the periwig as an essential item of men’s fashion. But fact is the 1620s and 1630s were often paned or slashed to show exuberance at its best! The sober coat, waistcoat and breeches costume that roaring the Indian bridal couture actually guide for this century.


We are going back to this trend, Baroque is a period in the history of “Western Arts” roughly coinciding with the 17th century had gradually softened the vivid we had for loud colours as haute couture. Gold and black are the two primary colors of this trend. Trending today are creative use of hues and subtle shades with this two colour as luxury dressing is the vision inspired by baroque. Rapid change in detailing of fabrics velvets we are diversely experimenting with in today’s business came into vogue through this period. Talking about silhouette which were essentially close to the body in past around 1615, took a makeover when sleeves became very full and emphasis to textures became important.

 Styling tips:  If you feel that the clothes are going to be too dramatic for you then you can always tone it down by opting for baroque inspired socks, jewelry, bags and shoes.

 Runway Fashion : Dolce & Gabbana first led baroque onto the catwalk and now we can all rock this trend from the high-street stores, it’s all about mixed prints, textured fabrics, jewels and velvet.  It’s really hot this season so try it out and have some fun.


Picture above : Dolce & Gabbana | Fall Winter 2012/2013  Baroque Inspired.

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