Splurging is what most brides end up doing on their wedding. Yes, we understand it’s your wedding but why spend on unnecessary elements when the same money can be used for something much better! Especially if you are on a limited budget, it is best advised that you spend wisely and live to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

 First thing that comes to mind is the my wedding “Jewellery 

People say that buying jewellery is the best form of investment and we completely agree. But having said that, what is the point of buying redundant pieces just for the sake of investment? Instead of buying every piece that looks beautiful, remember that classics never go out of fashion. Invest in jewellery that is both timeless yet handy. You might like an alligator-shaped choker and we can safely say that it will guarantee you numberless stares. But 20 years down the line, nature-inspired jewellery may not seem so trendy. A diamond choker, on the other hand, would stand the test of time. Think wisely!

 Second thing that comes to mind is what to wear: “Bridal Attire

It goes without saying that 95 % of brides are not going to wear their wedding lehenga or gown ever again in their lives. For one single night, you are willing to spend half of your entire wedding budget? Not a smart move! Ditch the designer label; instead research through magazines, browse the Internet for the perfect dress and explain it to your trusted tailor or a budding designer friend. Bet us, you will look like a diva nonetheless. There are other easier routes too, like buying during the sale season, purchasing from an online store and the likes. Options are varied; you just need to smell it right.<rent>

 Third thing is the “Footwear”

 Ah, those dainty little feet of yours need pretty footwear to match the attire. In fact, many brides ignore footwear till the last minute which results in over-spending, mostly in hideous golden heels which are never touched again. Buying your footwear should be considered around the same time when you are buying your bridal attire. Your wedding entails long hours, constant action and little rest. Choose comfortable sandals/shoes that won’t leave your feet hurting. Indian weddings mean bling. It however does not give you freedom to buy the gaudiest of footwear. Buy sensibly so that you can wear it in future.

Last but not the least is the look: “Makeup”

The one thing that drives every bride crazy is how to look the best on her D-day. And no one can deny the significance of makeup in this. And lo! Every blush, mascara, lipstick, nail colour available in the market finds a mention on the wish-list. Come on, it’s a complete wastage of resources. Always buy your makeup once your attire is decided. Secondly, buy items that you are going to use even after your wedding. Finally, no amount of makeup can match up to the effects of a healthy diet and regular exercising. You will all agree that a natural, supple glow always takes the upper-hand.

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Joei – Wedding Planner