Consumer Exceptance of Cross Fashion Apparel

Over the years, there has been a growing trend of cross-gender extensions among brands, partly due to the unisex trend in consumer goods. But in recent years we see a diffusion in Men’s wear and women’s wear which is giving birth to a new identity to fashion where men and women are accepting each other’s clothing, which can be termed as CROSS FASHION (E.g. an interesting fact: A skirt has always been a dominant women’s wear in fashion but is shifting to be a men’s fashion wear).

It can be dynamic in nature and depends upon its consumer’s acceptance.

We all know a consumer can be a male or a female, so do a brand also possesses its own Identities they can be stereotyped as either masculine or feminine. Some examples include Chanel, Hugo Boss, Marlboro, and Virginia Slims who positioned itself as a men or women centric brand which influence its buyers to consume its product for years. But time changed so do its consumers creating wider zone of market were masculine brands launching an extension to reach out to women in the domain of traditional masculine products (Examples of cross-gender extensions by masculine brands include

Levi’s extending the same brand name to target the opposite sex. Then came the revolutionary trend of companies extending their feminine brands to target men.(prominent example is the attempt by Triumph International to launch an extension into male swimwear from its original offerings of female swimwear)…. so why not cross fashion be a new idea of a brand extension or  identity ???

…. the question is Consumer gaming on it ? I am doing a Research project on same. Soon will write my findings and conclusion.


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