Point it out !

Lets  talk about the focus category of today : FOOTWEAR for all those lady who always wants to point it out with her sexy heels !!! options available to do are :

Heels !

1.The Stiletto Heel  : I would like to the very popular very women’s essential Stilettos (or Spiked Heels) refer to the type of high heel, which is pointy and thin.These slender, very feminine heels can be as high as 6 inches and designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo have made their name selling skyscraper heels.

2.The Ankle Strap Shoe :A Single or multiple strap that fastens around the ankle Straps include laces and ribbons.

3.The Flat-form : Hybrid between a ballet pump and a high platform heel.Brick-like style commonly noticed during Spring 2011 .
4.The Platform Shoe : This refers to the sole of the shoe and not the heel. Platform shoes are thick soles sitting under the front part of the foot and are often combined with wedges, chunky heels or stilettos. If they are combined with a wedge heel, they are referred to as a Platform Wedge.
Cute Wedge
5.The Wedge Heel : A wedge is based on the same shape as a triangular door-stop. The heel extends from the back of the shoe to right under the foot, running in a wedge shape from back to front. High-heeled wedge shoes are easier to walk on than stilettos but will still flatter the feet and legs, giving you the necessary height.
6.The French Heel: Medium height curved shape heel.
7.The Kitten Heels : Thin-based low heel that tapers sharply to a narrow base 1.5 inches or less. They are cute, very feminine shoes are an alternative to ballet flats.
8.The Mary Jane: Styled after the single cross strap, round-toed, low heeled shoe.

Mary Jane
9.The T-Bar Shoe: A full shoe similar to a Mary Jane except the strap is in the shape of a “T” across the front of the foot.
10.The Mule :A mule is a slip on, backless shoe which comes in various heights and different shaped heels. The front of the toe is covered, as in a normal shoe, but the back is open.
11.The Stacked Heel: Stacked heels have re-emerged as a popular fashion style and refer to what appears to be thin layers of wood that as stacked to create a wedge, flat or high heel.
12.The Sling-Back: Sling backs are a cross between a Mule and a full shoe. Instead of a closed back they have a strap which connects the sides and back to the front of the shoe. Sling-back shoes can be any height and have open toes or a fully closed front.
13.The Sandal :Worn as daytime or evening wear, sandals are shoes with open toes and backs and have single or multiple straps for fastening. Sandal designs vary greatly depending on the type and material of straps and the height of heels. Bondage sandals have material straps that wind right up the leg, as in the days of Roman slaves.
14.The Pump:The pump has become almost a generic word for shoe but officially relates to a low-cut shoe that surrounds the foot without fastenings. A door-say style pump shoe has the back of the shoe cut away to reveal the arches and sides of the foot.


15. The Peep-Toe Shoe :A peep-toe shoe has an opening at the tip of the toes that shows part of the toes but not the whole toe line. The opening is usually small and is rounded or wedge shaped.


16.The Ballet Flat Short for ballerina flats and inspired by ballet shoes. Ballet Flats are flat-heeled,enclosed shoe (pump),easy to slip on as they are low-cut.

ballet flats
Last but not the least are the very Classic Fashion ….
17.The Boots they can be Angle ,high thigh in length of various material like leather,fur,denim etc in unique designs.


A Thigh Length Boot !