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Earlier shoppers used to be busy snatching the best deals at their favourite stores offering a flat 50 per cent off, now there are better deals available on the net on a host of websites, which offer up to 80 per cent discount, besides, the comfort of shopping from home. Deals and You claims to have a transaction every minute and serving a pool of six lakhs members.

Live Example : Fashion any You and 99 Labels are the most fashion updated brands discount offering sites, who are just two year old and have made the best use of their year-end sales. The number of members and transactions that these websites are registering gives an idea about the increasing online shopping mania.

SnapDeal, the first online concept sellers, says they have recently sold 1,900 watches in a day at one-seventh the market price.

….the fact is that people in India still prefer to ‘touch and feel’ a product before buying it, which is a critical obstacles that the portals are trying to overcome. But it is also a fact that in “non metro” the retail brands are not much high active with the trends and offers which is around the 65-70% of Market. So we can conclude that the race to Online “Flat Discount” shopping has a long way to go ….

Till then Keep Shopping!

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