The Leap : Wedding Planner

The LEAP was not easy but eventually you clear vision can shapes any career comes your way!

I am a NIFTian and was working as a fashion Merchandiser. The Beginner feelings of stepping into this new “alternative”-not as a choice, but by default was like struggling my way out to be a Wedding Planner unknown to many around me what it  feels like!

The acceptance i had to my old fellow colleagues, pear groups,friends and specially family will take a bizarre turn was bothering me.Initial feeling was very eccentric “Wedding Planner” ME ?…knowing myself who missed or you can say purposely avoided  maximum numbers of wedding she was invited too. Had a strong inner opinion about “Indian Weddings” a mere waste of money ! A social show-off ceremony doesn’t brings any change to you. Moreover we have to move to  a new house, new family … leaving behind the comport zone you being for 20 to 25 years of LIFE. *sounds like a adamant kid yes i am*

Definitely not Happening :/

Just 5 months in the industry.Today planning couple of wedding, I am Surprised & little apologetic in my thoughts.

Realizations are always so overwhelming . The CHARM Weddings has is so auspicious. Millions of bride and groom waits to tie the Knot for LIFETIME for that “DAY“. lately though but this realization makes me special. The results of your plan to be gives happiness to others.  It even means a lot the love and blessing the families gives me for shape their MOMENT of  beautiful future, we all call it “Wedding”

Success a Pure Rejoice. It validates that you have that Quality to do it !

Do watch me on CNBC  TV18 on 16th and 17th March 2013. The featured wedding planner of the year 2013-14 planning “Christy and Ross” Kerela Destination Wedding for the show  “DREAM WEDDING”.

Dream Wedding CNBC intiative of putting together a show on the business of weddings in India- a wedding obsessed destination. The show proposes to put the spotlight on those leading the spaces of weddings in India.

Thank You

Wedding Planner