Peg Trouser

 The trend pops up that requires a true understanding of the construction of the item in order to pull it off properly. This season it’s the tapered, pleated trouser also called the peg leg pant.

Above the Ankle The peg leg pant is slightly cropped. The hem on a pair of peg leg pants should stop just above the ankle.

The Perfect Pleat Always be on the lookout for pleating around the waistband and crotch; the more pleats, the better!

Volume On Top Peg leg pants by nature carry their volume on top with a slightly dropped crotch.  Just be sure not to buy a pair with too droopy or baggy of a crotch.

Rolled Up Cuffs Rolled up cuffs are a must when it comes to tapered trousers.  The cuff should be rolled twice in a messy, haphazard fashion – no ironed cuffs here.

Taper & more Taper The advent of the skinny jean means woman are no longer afraid of the word “tapered”!  Peg leg or harem pants taper down from the middle to the ankle but they are not tight around the ankle like a skinny jean would be.

Heels are your best friend Although it’s not mandatory to wear high heels with tapered trousers, they will make your legs look longer and slimmer.  If you do wear flats, avoid the ballet flat and invest in a flat shoe with a bit more substance like an oxford or a penny loafer

A must have your wardrobe : A EMERALD peg trouser ! Do u have 1 ?

My personal pick is one in brick tone.