Winter Fashion Trends 2013

India is a Country of beautiful seasons. Personally Autumn pores freshness and face lift to my wardrobe moods to its best. But then my winter experience at 8 cites across the country gave me an interesting observation to write is trend post. People welcome winter in every cultures do dynamically varies but the rejoice is to capture the street trends in Fall.The celebration season turns crowded streets the most opulent collections that emote some creative and versatile dressing to celebrate clothing across the region. I am cozy person so winter is special to me. I deeply enjoy the tones on clothes layering over me to dress the cold life and feel the season in comfort.

September is over, Winter 2013 is knocking the doors. When surrounding influences us with beautiful look-books, the attempts to match the competition turns fun.The only season where wardrobe staples makes best features to dress top trends. I love and wait for winters to resume those plaid and tartan wardrobe counts. 

On that note i am sharing the key trends i am focusing on this coming season to dress the winter in style.

# Envision and trendsetter PINK WINTER. I intend to ample the plaids/tartan in pink/purple and florals. My spring wardrobe evens to match the winter odds.Instead of embellishment & colour blocking with bold tones. I refer to go for shades of blush, rose and magenta in key pieces — sweaters, dresses, pants and skirts. So, I advice you to give the colour an seasonal update, think minimal as well.

pink winter

Designer Desire : Pankaj and Nidhi ‘My Music Box’.The show featured a wide range of silhouettes – tapered skirts, below the knee length dresses, maxi-length and a couple of peplum dresses – all fitted at waist which also includes trench coats and dresses with lapel collars featuring intricate surface details in bright and pop hues of pink, blues and orange with black base.


# Calf ­length skirtsIf you take a look at street styles and retail brands you’ll see the same calf ­length skirts being adopted, very wearable and becoming extremely popular. An incredibly practical and comfortable fashion staple is the “Calf Length Skirts”. The super chic and flattering,style option for any occasion depending on its designs, details and styles. Versatile in nature these pieces are a kind of embodiment of beauty, femininity, style and practical fashion.

Shopping Guide: Figuring out the right skirt’s length for you is a bit of challenge since we’re all different heights. Just remember when shopping for a calf length skirt, experimentation and hemming may be needed.


Designer DesireSabyasachi‘s collection for Fall/Winter 2013 which showcased a strong inspiration of the decades with the 1940s calf­ length skirt.

post91#Tartan Sense : The plaid-ish print is perfect for work.This print is also a fun way to try the all over print look that we’ve been seeing a lot lately.Most tartans come with some form of navy,red or green. Designer Desire : Mulberry Tartan Take is my Favourite. It is beyond those popular spots in red & navy solids.


#The Rebel {zips, chains, vinyl, leather and studs.} Personally i am not giving much emphasis to achieve the look. but then my Golden stud Peplum and smoking shoe combines to dress the minimal grunge.

Bridal Special

The Sexy, easy to wear and absolutely brilliant, are the half lehenga / lehenga sari is emerging to become a very popular trend over the next year. I am Planning to customize one for me too.

1. Floor Length Anarkali

2. Half Lehenga

3. Floral Gowns

4. Patola Prints

5.Maharani style Nose Rings

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