Floral Number

 A floral number is a fresh trend to start your summer closet.

Trends that look up beyond fashion & fad is a FLORAL. Through it was never emphasized In -Vogue print . Personally this fashion essential inheriting does the perfect style lift for me. At times when my schedule doesn’t permit me to take a change, Floral day ootd balances the mood from work to dinner or party.  

Investing in any floral item brings the “feminine” factor into your wardrobe.

The choice of personal style varies in everyday mod fashion be it casual or a weekend off, brunch meet, love date this simple art of blooms and blossoms makes a visual impact. Depth of Highlight depends upon the palette we choose to wear. I keen to dress up statement floral blazer, trendsetter floral pants or dare floral blouse it just adds the quietness quotient HIGH to my appearances.Unlike stripe which may sometimes make us look like striving to spot the popular trend, FLORAL are easy to eyes trend for all occasions. Retro-style floral dresses, Floral Print in Quilting Fabric, Spring Ahead is about Blue Floral on White.

Think floral trend: Styling a Floral Number doesn’t need much made up attempts. Simple shape and regular cuts does the visual impact. I prefer more number of multicolored Floral Print Dress which is best meant for cute look attire. The choice for length, palette and print emphasis depends upon the mood and event. Companion of multiple affairs which doesn’t require much add on to display freshness in my appearance. It is a wardrobe essential to frequent outdoor look-book to flaunt the colorful, broken Flower, Country, College day style statements. I am in Love with floral. Are you?

Daily wear Floral Wardrobe: Through out the year i have made Budget friendly sum of floral shirts, cotton pants and bags. Most of them are casual premium brands i kept focus to haul prints. Purchases like Junk jewellery in floral ink the style dots for me. At times i deck up girly using my young sister floral sources like her floral gogs.

 pic 1

y not accessories too 😉 try a floral print neck piece

how about a Watch ! photo courtesy : ASOS