Radiant Orchid

Hii Readers

Hope you all are doing great !

I am back after a long break, would like to start by wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2014.

So my first post of the year is about the in Lamplight color of the Year 2014 : Radiant Orchid.


And i want  you to share with me what are your plans to get immensely connect with your color of the year. I will also share what am i up to to indulge myself into Radiant orchid too.

Analyst and Researcher says Radiant orchid, which is also commonly known to us a Lilac/Purple is  opaque, disturbing and seductive.

This sensual color which is hot and cold in a way already exists in our life, for me surely it is my Dior Purple Mix nail shade i am using from last 8 months. Talking about the same have a look at the ravishing Dior ‘Trianon’ Spring Makeup Collection 2014.

1. how about trying the latest Make up and cosmetic trend in radiant touch ?

2. “Easy change” items such as linens and accessories to add a pop of this beautiful color to our home space.

The color work best in accessories such as toss pillows, throws, rugs, and accent chairs. When using a bold color like Radiant Orchid, keep in mind a little goes a long way: Consider pairing Radiant Orchid with small doses of other bold colors to create a fun and fresh look in the room.

3.  Fashion

Remember the little purple dress in your closet.

Your Every day Fashion : your basic Pants , shoes and eye kajal

and more jacket / heels / top / earring / bag / shirt …. lets explore !

4. How about your Wedding ?

wedding theme : radiant orchid + shimmer gold , white , aqua lets explore more !


Well the year have just began and keep reading this space for more to come on “Radiant Orchid”

Thank you !