‘Dressed to Rest’ Design contest

One interesting blend of Hospitality industry and fashion Industry.

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts initiative to promote young designer across mid east and Asia to design a stylish sleepwear that help to promote a good night’s sleep  through the contest which is named “Dressed to Rest” which aims to develop and avail a comport sleepwear product to all the traveler on the road.

The competition criterion takes into account overall design, comfort for a good night’s sleep, creativity and consistency with the Crowne Plaza brand. The winner will be announced on “The world sleep day” March 14 , 2014. The contest is open to design students of India , Japan,UAE and Singapore. In each of the countries the competition is taking place in, there will be one Grand Winner . A winning design from South Africa has already been chosen, as part of a sleepwear competition which took place in partnership with South Africa Fashion Week, while a separate ‘Dressed to Rest’ design search in Australia will begin in March. Ultimately, there will be a six-piece collection of Crowne Plaza sleepwear – one from each of the diverse markets.

Important Information related to the contest :

Submissions close 2 February 2014.The competition is only open to fashion design students from ESMOD Dubai (UAE), Pearl Academy (India), Sugino Gakuen (Japan), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), LASALLE College of Arts (Singapore), Raffles Design Institution (Singapore) and any accredited design institutions based in Singapore.