Tapper Denim

We are in Love with this sturdy cotton twill textile is Denim. Trend which much appeals are those artificially distressed once.The faded Denim is the in vogue display of casual comfort in peoples daily life. Many enthusiasts  smudge there denim get the “natural” look than the look of artificially distressed denim, where in i like to rib to pop the “tapper” effect.

On that note I have added one more tapper-ed denim to my personal wardrobe this week. The buy was from Zara Sale which was Priced for Rs 2,290 Available at  Zara.com 

Style Tips : Style this Zara denim with your favorite jacket and boots to get the Classic Look. My wish list nest is a pair of denim dungarees with a distinctive zip running between the waist and hemline. 

Shopping Guide :If you want and love colors then pick the below ALDO bag i came across while browsing and recommends to be the perfect match to this look to carry all your essentials. It is Priced for 4050 (sale price at Major Brands.in)

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