Quintessential Wedding 2014

As a Wedding Planner i am excited to have great time this seasons planning some interesting, eminence, diverse and glowing weddings. All thanks to the beautiful people (couples/family/brides/grooms etc) i meet in this process and most important i would like to thank the freshness of Spring.

To me Spring is such a great time to hold a wedding venue; it makes such a great metaphor for marriage. It is the season of the new beginning and tying the knot of lifetime & ultimately new beginnings makes it all too perfect.So all you ” bride to be “, friends/cousins/sisters of brides and grooms reading this thread i am sharing my list of color and trend planning and research updates which i have worked on to deliver my best this scheduled season.

Today’s post is all about Updates on: AESTHETIC PLANNING


Top 4 COLOR pick from the foreseeable list of options available :

Placid Blue (or Sky Blue, as it’s more commonly referred)

Wedding Philippines - Top 10 Wedding Color Motif Trends for Spring 2014 - Freesia

Wedding Philippines - Top 10 Wedding Color Motif Trends for Spring 2014 - Radiant Orchid


Subtle gold/light effect detailing + “placid blue “ is enough to make a statement wedding this season.

but in case you are looking for combination of 3 to 4 colors use

placid blue + cayenne+sand+gold a very inspiring combination, all suitable for a big fat “”spring effect Indian wedding.

Christian wedding will make a classic justice with this look to the big day wedding color theme.

Beach Wedding using this color combo as wedding theme will be mesmerizing,

reference photo: feel the look to a spring wedding. {placid blue + gold lights}.

Next is In-vogue Radiant Orchid wedding : an absolute stunner any combination can do magic with it.

let see what all combo i used !

On Popular demand : gold+radiant orchid


Experimental Combination : Radiant orchid+mint+lavender + Gold.

Enough of radiant orchid, our next color is Fressia.  Its very Spring, we have used the color many times before and counts as a colorful wedding essential. My Inspiration of such combo this time is to set it free….

I thought it will be beautiful, unfortunately not much brides allowed me to explore this one, they felt it wont be appealing and impact … but i just Loved this too.

Cayenne +Gold {feminine, pretty, unconventional}

Top Row: Heart Wedding Card // Bride & Ballon; Middle Row: Bridesmaid Dress // Orchids; Bottom Row: Place Settings // Wedding Invitation


Leave behind that consequential WHITE WEDDING. This Spring get married in blue…

spring 2014 wedding colors - placid blue wedding ideas


Go ahead embrace your style, your taste, and your vibe. Go with what makes you happy, what fits your vision, and what your gut tells you.

Keeping reading this space for more on Quintessential Wedding 2014