Guide to host a Rustic Indian Wedding

A spring wedding evokes the idea of fresh new love, brightly color flowers and all the beauty of a spring day. Traditional spring weddings often stick to pastel color, taking that as a wedding planners challenge i have discussed a whole new bunch of 2014 In-trend colors & trends options in my earlier post to help you all to discover a quintessentially picked Color to style your wedding.However mastering the task of placing of your picked colors/trends into a mesmerizing theme can be a real challenge too !

Every great wedding has a theme.So Today’s post is all about Updates on: In-Trend Themes for Spring 2014 Wedding.I will discuss about the Hot Pick of the Season : ” Rustic twist “whether you are planning beach wedding,outdoor venue, or even a reception hall, it is the power In-trend theme.

Heard about the same? Boho brides, late Middle English  style, vintage-looking vases, mini lanterns ,lots of floral touches and old board direction signage. If your planning a rustic theme , go ahead with your choice.

Tips and Guide to Host a Rustic Wedding:

1. Mix in touches of Rustic Feel with your Wedding Color  according start to add twists of rustic styles in your venue.

2. Use those direction signages for your guests in church as well as reception venue.{ reference picture below}

3. You have the liberty to do creative experiments in Guest Book and wedding cake. Having your cake placed on wood stack tray and some dry leaf feel is a great idea.

4. Table Centerpiece add to magic to your theme.

5. Use of interesting venue Signage helps to hold the mood of the theme.

6. Use of dry flower mix in Floral decor brings in the rustic feel. Use wooden Couple seating arrangements is desirable.

7. Mandap decor is all about nicely assimilating the feel of colors you choose for the wedding.

8. Kill the myth – that Rustic doesn’t means it cannot be loud or bright.

9.  Smart way to convey your theme to guests is your choice of invitation. when arrive to the mail box, it immediately clicked that you are planning countryside rustic wedding.

10. Elements of Traditional Significance adds fabulous aura to the theme.

11. Lastly, Don’t forget your Floral Crown.







On a upcoming post  i will share what to wear on your rustic wedding in a Indian way to transform your dream day imaginations into a perfect “wonder struck Ambiance for the D Day.” Do join me on Facebook and Twitter for more!