The Stunner

Today’s post is meant for stylistas. It evokes my minds to pause by and consider this collection is the “Real clothes which young women would give anything to wear “. Just Magnificent!

The collection was a display to blend of worlds. The ensemble is power color even witnessed superlative display of unconventional prints with colorful details. Very Inspiring!  — A fashion opera of dazzling color pallet with extraordinary workmanship. The finest filigreed lace crafted evening gowns, dresses, tops all so dramatic which set the mood for every fashionista to run for it.

The attempt was to express blend of world. i.e opera with street, stage with city black left serious impact on my mind. When showcased on the ramp, the designers this vision took us on a journey of imaginary ethnic groups. The richness with which they crafted long dresses with skirt panels of embroideries prevailed “Rare Find” concepts. I am able to connect promptly with the formation made inspired from Indian Patterns & African hot colours fringing into those sheer black garments.   

Through I wish to highlight the comeback of Baroque in this spellbinding celebration collection, but the genesis collection even holds multiple “trendsetter” fashions the results of the same were also jaw dropping. Being a stalwart to Valentino showcases, I also deeply rejoicing spotting that Bohemian-isation of stage.

 The new mixology that even explores the Accessories aesthetically was most exciting to see. Gold Extravaganza! Are those X-factor statement bangles and necklaces, studded Alice bands. It is a true combination of opulence and earthiness. A wonder stuck collection that touches the purity of Power Fashion.

Pictures below. Do Share your thoughts and Comments.

ss14 fashion currySpot the Look tribal chic, High-end diva and  Boho queen.



queen Accessories : Gold Extravaganza ! X-factor statement bangles and necklaces, Alice bands studded.

SS14 Valentino


Chic Footwear : flat thong sandals.


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