Skater Skirts

I have seen these skirts before though but the attention on these skirts wasn’t that intense not until this season. Fitted at the waist and flared out into an A-line silhouette – Hot trend this summer are the SKATER SKIRT“.They are the cute and flirty piece that look great on a light breezy day. I have explore some easy going and quick smart ensemble to flaunt this stylish skirt ! Mentioned below with reference picture use.

  1. My Party skirts. They are the timeless classics which i already had in my wardrobe. Just need to trim it into a skater skirt and pair with basic whites.
  2. This summer is all about being bright and colorful as possible. So Why not this way ? The choice is versatile and personal to dress colorful bottom or top.
  3. Prints and graphics are the new trendsetter to emote fashion. The dressing can be either printed top layering or even a graphic skater number.
  4. Denim: classic and safe choice to flaunt the style. Option of tops can be shirts, crop tops, graphic loose tees.I will prefer a Dressy and Tailored Top. the reference style of such tops in  pictures below.
  5. We all love leather isn’t it ? Use them in Winter as well to style outfits in the same buy.
  6. Trying pairing a skater skirt with some Vans or Converse to give that edgy look while still giving off a flirty vibe.
  7. Layering never goes wrong with skater. Just indulge in your choice of colour.
  8. Last idea but not the least one, The popular crop top and skater skirt with colorful slip on/sandals. Also Playing up the knee-highs could really add something to the outfit! Go for a plain skater skirt and patterned knee-highs, try it out ! Like or not ? Let us know in the comments below!