Quirky Wedding Ideas


Are you Quirky by heart ?

All you want your Special Day to be all full of UNIQUE ,VINTAGE, ECLECTIC, FESTIVAL, WHIMSICAL, KITSCH, CAMP and ECCENTRIC .Then go ahead and read the post…I will say if you want it to be really visual, so don’t stick to one colour scheme. Below are some quick tips to initiate such weddings.

1. Invitation say a lot about what’s beneath … agree ?

2. Decor makes things exceptional interesting and different. 

3 The Bride is the showstopper  and  bridal bouquet is her BBF for the day !

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4. The wedding cake symbolisms the sweetness henceforth, go ahead and make it the our best.

 5. Think beyond the usual and traditional bridesmaid match me dress and they look just wonderful and creative.

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A quirky South Indian bride in an elegant silk saree, traditional gold jewelry...and converse shoes!