Our Monsoon Wedding


The season of romance & love.Perfect days when it is fair enough to be clumsy is Monsoon.I suggest the perfect time to get married ! To many it seems like inviting myriad problems that can occur,if you choose to get married during the rain,but there are plenty of reasons to give it a happy nod as well…We did !

Even though i was surprised, when he first proposed such idea to me. But then monsoon wedding are *In-Trend*, to curate a nature beauty ceremony some rare couple do heading to the same, since even options are rare prior booking of hall is crucial. {Just mentioning] The fact we came across when we started our venue explore and looked for our choice of venue. The choice to hold reception in backdrop of a hanging bridge surrendering all to the beautiful hills was pure bliss.This adventure escape from the city and have a wedding at a hill station indeed was the most alluring experience of lifetime for us.

As the bride very bit of it is close to my heart and appealed as a show-stealing event ! *Forever Memory* Leaving below the endeavours & few photos for you all to decide how do you find it.

We were keen to skill a perfect theme wedding, which is even an popular approach to celebrate wedding here in Kerela. Personally we wanted a location to do the magic and i feel rain is beautiful,with the frequent shower surroundings get washed away & looks fresh,new each time. To feel that momentous with family we went ahead and approve to “Monsoon wedding theme“. Since i myself is planner and meeting aspiring couple is my often business. And i strongly feel marriage is based on two individuals and love is the only bond between them and for love no one can deny monsoon is the best time, so we proceeded to accomplish this task. 

Since we choose to have a real treat. Giving priority to guests comport was important,as commuting during this season is a real pains. Smoothen that worry we arranged pick/drop facility for 75 people ((only for the local invitees), rest family were placed in the location resort.

The location of wedding was a dream venue, It was an Outdoor area all surrounded by hills _ beautiful!!! Surprising us it too had everything we expect in terms of facility right from a pool,stage/guests shelter hut and also hanging bridge right behind it (USP of the venue) . we were just wonder stuck ! I was charmed More the interesting look and feel of the shelter area  which was *rustic , vintage with all wooden roof,golden lights and antique lamps* and was big enough to comfort 250 guests evening reception. Getting married there was an awesome moment !

As the shelter itself was so self fabulous we just added beautiful lighting, flower and sheer draping backdrop with some lantern to match the outdoor fell the venue. Now comes the pool and around it the greenery and lovely bridge. Lighting was enough to make glow to the show ! Seating were simple round table st up with candle around.

About Cuisine, in our case most of it was parents priorities decisions though, Monsoon weddings do gave you us unparalleled opportunity to explore different menu options. Specially Seafood !!! The best way to do this is by having live counters. We added hot drinks like masala/kulladh chai, kesar doodh with rabri and badaam milk in your menu to relish bits of north in the spread.

Now that all the notable tasks was over.I was excited about my look .Being a Monsoon bride,needs some special tips to be careful about. I choose to dress in all white. I opted for fabric in chiffon + crepe blend gown with lace, the glam factor was *Pearls Works * around the waist and neck area , it was lightweight and more suitable for the season. He wore waist and semi formal is grey & white.

I am a bengali. for us wedding has been all about wearing golds. Like a true bong even i too didn’t wanted to loose the only chance to wear gold and opted the same. Hair and make up ideas was to be safe and minimal. I considered an Up-Do,having my hair swept up and pinned into place.Best for such occasion as you will have less need to worry about a light drizzle or a gust of wind ruining the look that your stylist has created for you. Highlight of the Look :  Headpiece flower hair wreath on the right side of my hair do.Waterproof makeup is best for monsoon. Little Shimmer was a part of my make up to fixture the evening ceremony.

We Spoke with your wedding photographer well in advance about the types of shots they will be taking. {like we faced some} it’s likely a lot of them will focus on the outdoors, such as your journey from home to the ceremony. I advice others to make sure there is a contingency plan for heavy rain to ensure you still have time and space to get the pictures you want. Finally the outcome …

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Wedding ceremony is close to heart of every couple.Enjoy your big day with nature’s love and care!

Thank you