Bouquet Trends 2014

A stylish bouquet can really add to the overall atmosphere of your big day, which is why i dug deep to bring you the most popular bouquet floral trends.

What kind of flowers do you want at your wedding?

Lets finds out the up-and-coming trends brides are opting for when it comes to pick there Bridal Bouquets this year. Everyone wants a bouquet which should be a “Twist to Tradition” in Look, (or i can say at least all of them i meet this season till date !).So, what are these “twist to tradition” looking bouquets ?

Bouquets for 2014 have pops of bold colour. I am seeing/using more soft pink and purple. On the other hand one out of conventional choice colour is Lime colour bouquet. Most are very accessorized with pretty detailing.The continuing trend is still ombre or vintage paper flowers though; I love muted tones blooms, nothing can beat beauty of fresh flower.They’re romantic, classic ,visually striking and elegant at the same time. My Choices are carnation, hydrangeas, ranunculus and garden roses.

Trends are as diverse when it comes to Weddings . Bride is the showstopper, her bridal bouquet is the BFF for the day. So you’re guaranteed to find something that will fit in with your wedding’s theme, no matter how traditional or cutting-edge you want it to be.

Photos Below : Bouquets ideas, some already tried/using/intended to use for weddings this 2014.

1. If you looking for a chic and trendy floral motif, or would you like the décor to be planted with romantic symbolism?

Nude tones are my fabourite. When jeweled and accessorized , it will look even more pretty.

 2. If a real flowers aren’t your thing, then you’re going to LOVE what I have to share with you today!

pick Vintage Brooch Bouquet or Beaded Bouquet

Beaded Flower bouquet , don’t hesitate to experiment with colors, rather then choosing white/gold/pearls stuffs.

3. Why using real and in the end, the flowers often go to waste ? Go for a Paper flower / Button/Satin Ribbon Bouquet/Feather and all Jeweled stuffs.

Are you planning to carry something other than flowers down the aisle with you? Anything unusual? I’d love to hear your ideas!