THE FINAL SHOWDOWN : A Fashion Week is a curtain raiser. What unfolds beyond these shows is more interesting and deep dug important affair. Idiosyncratic to its inspiration every collection reflects brilliance in their masterpieces. Every pretty detailing starting from the show theme, symphony played, attire styling and the final showdown opens massive display of “trendsetter” fashion to explore.

The fact to be noted in 2014 is precisely trending between then and now. Designers opted for either core traditional influence or Blunt Bold fashion. Aesthetics that connect to traditional influence were definitely a pure rejoice. Meanwhile some creative minds unfold dilution outcomes, popularly name as “Twist”. Though the Twist makers are talk of the town and has fair blink of X-factor that even caught my eyes.

Fresh in our mind was curtain raiser of India Couture Week 2014 and BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 where every designers  roll downed their most opulent and premier collection.Numerous eyes found there intense attention, so do I.

For Most of us life is about dressing good. We constantly revive our wardrobe to be in the trend. But when it comes to explore “Ethnics”, trend musing loses its potential. We tend to keep it habitual. Isn’t It? … Not Anymore, Being a wedding planner, I came across a very intense fact that every  bride trousseau has an individual story of what she is wearing for her big day! Like I mention above, trend is diverse, so choices of every individual.

High on TREND and true to its cause, the couture/bridal weeks are a rich source giving definition to “ETHNICS”.

  1. Vintage Clothing” is a power refection of fashion. Getting dressed in pure vintage theme outfits is quintessential! But what worries is how to adapt it in an Indian tradition wear?

No doubt the best solution of the year is the 43 unique creations by Sabyasachi’s Ferozabad. His range caters a strong vintage couture meant to suit every Indian Occasion. I could see the hard work he had put into every outfit. . Pure bliss!


  1. Gothic Fashion” and prevailing sense of clothing which is niche and choice of certain parallel dressers. Globalized fashion which interests to folks who are experimental in their clothing.

Eccentric with slightly Gothic feel Inspired by vintage and globalized fashion is  Anamika Khanna’s collection “Luxury 2014” In person, I found it very interesting mix of draping and design. Surely an trendsetter choice of parallel fashion.


  1. Moroccan Theme” it’s been fascinating royal affair to deck up into this theme. Clearly the most popular the king concept Morocco. “There was and still is” where every bride wants to go with morocco inspired outfit & wedding set up.

Celebrating Morocco is JJ Valaya’s “The Nautch of Fez” bridal wear collection compiled in Indian style. The mood was festive, I complete went mesmerized.


  1. “Blink, bold and blunt” competes high on list.  It is no more taboo to show some skin aesthetically. The mentions caught by attention were turn-ons.

 Falguni & shane’s futuristic brides and Gaurin & nainika’s Modern glam brides are bold. They are the new definition to Indian brides dressing.

5 . Fashion was predominant hues, shades and color of the season, year.. ..etc. what is Timeless is ““Black and White”

 Ace designer Rohit Bal showed his love for ivory white hues. The collection mixed with shades of gold threads and patterns. From sarees to lehengas to anarkali suits, each of them was portrayed differently on the ramp @ICW 2014.