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How does Ronaldo & Irina’s grand ceremony stack up to be the most extravagant nuptials in recent history?

SPECIAL NEWS, THE SUN, Aug 15, 2014.

Came alive in all its grandeur and left an impact of pure rejoice “. His decision to get married was the most anticipated ceremony of the year.  The million hearts who follows him blindly was already aware of it that he and Irina is together for past 4 years. What left audience trilled about this extravagant nuptial was the way it was weaved!

Revealing the whole shebang, the spotlight contributor  herself explains what it takes to skill such an inquisitive affair.

“The celebrity gallivant affair was an experience. Indian heritage & cultural depth appealed the couple to come and get married at the Sun City where the magnificent royal masterpiece was raised for the couple. The real challenge was to understand the style, colours, vibe, and taste of the couple but eventually your clear vision can shape anything that comes your way. Beyond these tasks what deeply bothered me was the initial steps, i.e. responsibly planning the travel and logistics arrangement for the 75 celebrity guest arrived to witness the ceremony. The satisfactory service of is worth a mention, through them we took care of travel & logistic using “” deals. Through we even came across “Ola Cabs” luxury coaches, which was parked outside the palace to ferry the guests to anywhere they wanted to go.  When the revelry around the city had become a tourist attraction for visitors, we were in deep action to craft and execute my favorite celebrity dream day’s aesthetic designs & concept which was “Royal India”.Coordinating vendor arrivals and deliveries was an exhausting process,special attention was given to prevent expensive mistakes such as rush shipping or unnecessary changes. Everything reached and got into place smoothly except a sudden crisis. We were confident of using benefit deals and matched the shortfall by placing order from“ . It did saved my pocket and breathe. Moving ahead one important aspect was to conclude the food choice itinerary.5 celebrity chefs flew down from around the world with his team of 48 chefs to prepare special cuisines for those days.We focused to comport the wedding guests as our USP; so a well scheduled seating arrangement plan was prepared keeping in mind the cultural aspects. Highlight was the traditional maharajah style welcoming plan for the guests that did the magic. Those traditional attires was sourced through diverse deals from “” and “Chumbak” collections. We even helped the guests with solution for the products they bought from local boutiques and were concern about safe proof packing of the same. makes thing easy. The pocket friendly deal of Rs 352 each for Extra Strong POD Plastic Courier Bag Envelopes from “” was a real help.The Finally culmination of all that efforts was blissful.  Get to witness the moment when “champagne bubbles rising” to bless the couple on that blazing night was an Honor for me and my team . “says celebrity wedding planner Jayita Mondal.

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