Today’s Women deals with frequent social and outgoing lifestyle which empower them to invest in the luxury outfit which qualifies to help them dress in different styles. The wise and look-book future Bride has sharp desires. She is keen to experiment with styles and forms which have no boundaries, being eccentric and steal the attention is not something she is not SHY about! Does that means today’s Brides costume demands more versatile appeal?

The answers were evidently visible in the couture fashion week 2014. Modern Indian Bride is in love with “Vintage” and there is no doubt it. Many Top designer’s ensemble displayed was highly Vintage concentric. Ananmika Khanna who choose to unveil her collection in the form of art installation was a surprise beyond just being vintage. Collection titled” luxury 2014″ redefined the vision of Indian Luxury .The way of presentation might be the reason why majority termed it as “Brutal”. But I could connect to her timeless outfits which made a strong appeal This is about women who may be quieter, but she is very powerful”. The Collection marked the comeback of the Baroque and Gothic dressing up into a unique bridal trend. Majority feels being Gothic is parallel and meant for off-beat youngsters. “not really “?… Gothic is that Middle Ages style which brought the idea of sophisticated dresses in vogue. The style that gave the world most of known variant cuts trending today. MoreoverThe Bride is no more about wearing heavy zardosi and glitter feature so what’s brutal about the inspiration to blend three strong fashion subculture as a potential display ?

The fabric used was what caught my attention even more. Gentle and worth comport like delicate lace, organza and silks and “no leather”, enhances out is the focus on cutaways which were made separately by hand and then sown together. Keeping the two primary baroque colour black and gold in the collection she experimented on contrasts which deeply inspired me. Highlight was those floral creation I personally found great peace to see them. They forms perfect balance of femininity and Gothic division dressing like skirt and bodice. (picture below is the installation display of delicate floral take on baroque artwork )


In this collection for India Couture Week 2014 aiming to create timeless pieces and not fashion pieces for Modern India . Her Installation had a clear vision, such breathtaking blend needed more than just a fleeting moment to express what its feel like to dress “the change”. She wanted audience to take time and share their interpretation on her vision.“ I don’t want to let go of what is mine” said Ananmika Khanna.

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