Quirk Art

Are you ready to leave behind the tad shy girl inside you? It Does bother the galvanized spectators contemplate what you wore…yes at times, but then who cares !

The choice to dress own instinct and humor personality excites more rather than struggle behind made up attempt clothing. I rebel against being like everybody else and want to wear the emotions which the world and its people poses. I am very happy to celebrate variant parts of my personality that set me apart from “the norm”. Interpretation of this sense of dressing is “unpredictability and thrilling” 

Doesn’t that means the constant efforts to revive trendsetter looks doesn’t includes the same?

Personal style is a free state of mind which is not afraid to chop and change styles between eras and fashion houses. India though now and then typecast this art of dressing. I don’t understand why to haul muster a majority.The practice and encouragement here is on “know how to dress”. Focus is to facilitate us with “forecasts and look-books”. I believe foreseen in the beginning “forecasts & etc” sometimes can develop in incredibly different directions .Idiosyncratic is a power show and any individualist approach to dress is always a self lookout.

Self discovery is the journey who precise to dress quirky !

Socially an Indian bride has to sacrifice, her rebel to satisfy Indian culture.  As a New Bride she  has boundaries to dress her free spirit. Post 2 months of my wedding, “sari” is something i still strive to find ease with. Next weekend we have a family party to attend and my Mother-in-law insisted me to come in a sari. Good fortune is that by now attention of the relatives has got balanced & i do have the freedom to style beyond the ” new bride dress like a goddess” avatar. For a long run use, i prefer to buy a “sari” with have some quirk sense to it which i can style in multiple ways. I avoided buying any Cotton/tant  base one, since they make me look fat.Latest trending are those colour block pattern, so I opted for a crepe blend colour block sari. I had enough of those bicycles and script prints,so choose a pop art this time.My Outfit planning session is also done and i am ready for the weekend. Since it will be a evening function, little blink will go well with such occasion. So I am pairing the sari with a “silver blouse” : which i made for my pre -wedding photo-shoot. To go along with the look i have planned  minimal touch of Make up use : perfect  nude lips and tint of teal eyes shadow

Indian Access and feature on Ready-to-wear brands and boutiques are niche in this category, 

Luxury shook up to humor clothing when Masaba Gupta collections turned in-vogue. Eventually her popularity gave an affordable ready-to-wear line from the designer which targets growth in 3 tier cities. But I look-up too Aartivijay Gupta collections, she is one of the most thoughtful and sensible source of quirk trends. I have shop the label Quirk Box. The brand is budget-friendly & caters to both (men & woman Fashion) of humor clothing. The label is fresh & creates unique expression prints. The brand reach is easy (available online and few selected stores), but what downcast at times is the variety offered & might catch up into competitive clothing. As for some people, “quirky” comes down to attention clothing and nothing else. They are the group who find great contentment by the glance of rare find and turns obsessed to such brands. On the flip-side the popularity of such brands is growing which validates increasing consumer acceptances of virtual quirk lifestyle and fashion. Downplay is the overall stereo-typed image of hipsters, punks or beatniks culture in some minds. They even fear to fall into the trap of amassing wear, so keeps distance from such display. But then Human expression roots vivid emotions, thus the crazy world of prints which is nascent now, is yet to experience its best! 

Trending :   Quirk Box displayed its recent collection at Lakme Fashion Week this Friday. I found the hot air balloons, multi-hued rectangles and brooches galore in Western cuts unique. The playful colour blocking with prints was a pure rejoices. Versatile colour card which had tones of mustard, burnt orange, teal blue, emerald along with metallics like grey, gold and black came in for a fun filled line fabrics like Chanderi, crepe and georgette. Both men and women presentation is a just to quirk fashion. 

Aartivijay Gupta’s monochrome pieces were high on Victorian prints this time. Again a sensible and unique take on quirk fashion. Titled “Who Wore What When”-the collection included prints of corsets and crinolines, feathered hats and ball gowns of modern day women.

Popular Masaba Gupta’s quirky prints emote retro theme this time. Her new collection “wanderess” meant for woman who love to travel. My wishlist next {picture below}.poster4poster5