Comeback Trend: Fringe & Tassel

The season is about to experience the best of the “Multi-tread look” know as Fringe and tassels.

Fringe,Tassel & Trims has a long history of being used in “decorative arts”. Fringe and tassels are fashion chameleons that can blend seamlessly into almost any style but then was mostly considered as out-dated and non-regular trend in Indian garments until it became the fashion rage on women’s cocktail dresses of the 1920’s.Today fringe and tassel embellishments as made influential comeback trending from Apparel to furniture offering tremendous variety. Comeback influence of this chic trend is fresh and sexy as well as glamorous and artful.

Fringe & Tassel is the powerful detailing which can be worn into versatile dressing and there are countless ways to rock this chic trend. In general they are the classic style choice to dress bohemian and hippes/mod chic where in with thoughtful mix & match styles it is even a great source to deck up into modern glams attire. I personally made emphasis on addition of fringe is the way it has been incorporated into formalwear shirts. The most alluring is “The Fringe Bikini” which was a gift J. The fringe seems most chic on brown and white or black ensembles and best way to grace the fun moments this festive season of great music, fun times and festival fashion. The Variations are from satin to lace and these materials made the visual aspect more unique. My season companion to dress this comeback trend are the shoes, handbags, necklaces, bracelets I have collected over the year unknown of this upcoming vogue.

And when festive fashion popular choice is about shine and glamour all around, the highlight trends is fringe benefits and tassel treats in home fashion. “in offer” is so pretty detailing of this trend in home and lifestyle fashion have even grabbed my attention. Now I am a fan of the tassels and fringe use because it adds texture to decor and just simply looks amazing!


  1. Tassel Jewellery/Accessories

Tassel pieces are eye-catching and fun. They are the most budget ways to express this trend. Tasseled accessorie use is more playful take on statement jewelry has been popping up in the form of swingy tassel earrings and necklaces. A natural extension of global-inspired looks and trendy fringe is a min trend in-itself. My personal favourite is a tasseled collar necklace for a preppy sophisticated style.

  1. The fringe dress / skirts

It’s one of the biggest fashion attempts of the Fall 2014 season is how do I wear fringe without looking like the leading lady in a sepia-toned Western. Fringe has the tendency to widen one’s figure, so choices made needs careful lookouts and buy. Read more on{Coming up post next is Fringe Dress Trend}.

  1. Kimonos/shrugs/summer-jackets in tassel/fringe.

 Fashion trends are cyclical in nature but Light winter favourite and all – time fashion vogue items are the above mentions. Choices are endless and personal to outfit them to dress the trend.  

Pictures Below: easy attempts to Tassel trends.