Scarfs : The new way to wear this season

A style statement we can carry from the beach to the boardroom. This timeless accessory can be worn in dozens of ways. Needs no introduction, Scarf is the budget way to peep up your wardrobe variety. Versatile fashion essential posses the ability to instant transform any wardrobe basic into look-book beauty.

This season we don’t need to have expensive designer jacket or sweater to freshen up our fall closet. Instead add several new scarves to your wardrobe to break the hue. I am personally in love with the way Burberry shows us the different ways to wear the scarf.

The new way to wear this season and style great outfits below:

1. I am excited to try and dress the scarf this way.Burberry way #Styleyourscarf

2. Drape it over your neck and belt it down with a wide belt or Secure your scarf with a thin belt around your waist.The idea is to look effortlessly chic from cinching it around the waist and just draping in over one shoulder and {picture on left} “Blanket Scarf” 2014’s top trend.

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3. Skinny long Scarfs are the Latest envision winter trend : choose a longer oblong scarf and leave ends dangling down to give your figure a more elongated look.


4. The Bow Knot : Super stylish and new trending. check the picture tutorial here & do it yourself.

How To: The Bow Tie Scarf from PBJ

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