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The fringe dress is one of the biggest fashion attempts of the upcoming fall 2014 season. Since Fringe fashion wear has the tendency to widen one’s figure, so choice made needs careful lookouts and buy. I personally hate the popular “result in” use of fringe trend to dress cowgirl style, sounds outdated and dead fashion to me. My attention is more on how to wear it to style a chic girl Look.

Comeback Fringe & Tassel trend this season is more versatile, it is the fresh and sexy as well as glamorous and artful sense to dress trims. Likewise me, many Stylistas attempts on to try wear fringe without looking like the leading lady in a sepia-toned and enhance the outfits best to dress chic this trend.

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The Spring 2015 runways during New York Fashion Week were awash in fringe. The unexpected and yet totally wearable fringe style was made to look both edgy as well as ladylike. Expectation from Awaiting Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) begins on the 8th of October will surely raise fringe as a statement trend in the Indian fall collections.

Once we start planning and coordinate our outfit around it, the effort to pull off western-chic in Fringe becomes ease and gives us a clean and polished look. I feel fringe, Do you?

Sharing Below is the Moves and Shakes to Dress modern Fringe in chic.

  1. I prefer and would recommend only wearing one fringe item so the outfit doesn’t look too busy.
  1. Dress Envision Trend: “Ombre fringe” probably the most unique take on the trend coming up next in-vogue.
  1. Fringe Dress is the new High-fashion facelift to dress eveningwear.
  1. I advice to stick with fringe detailing instead of a full piece. Do keep it modern with something tailored and sleek.
  1. Fabric Makeover: Tiers of silk fringe in yellows and pinks is the next spring playful & modern designto dress fringe girl.
  1. I am in love with Jumpsuits and dungaree, so my outfit planning involves some fringe around them.
  1. The key to wearing fringe this season is simple “less is more. “ Monochrome colours to dress fringe is something I avoid.
  1. I rather let the fringe do the talking is a dress with Fringe bottom with minimalist accessories in neutral colors like white, black, or grey.
  1. My golden stud smoking shoes and “fringe Jacket” are the two dynamic wardrobe beauties to assemble the look.

 Other easy & Quick add on to dress fringe are :

Go casual and incorporate a fringe bag into your everyday look 

Weather friendly cascade and shrugs in fringe is noted choice.

Prints and Fringe to match is a complicated attempt. Avoid such attempts unless you are sure of the outcome look.

Fringe are a great choice to look slim and elongated 

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