Destination Wedding Paradise

Say it as matter of coincidence or in-vogue trend, I am only meeting brides & grooms are keen and eager to skill a “rare -find” destination wedding. Even though I am convinced that the budget constraint is not the factor why they turn to hunt the picturesque locales within India, rather the strong desire to explore and marry in a unique site excites them to risk those luxury available as a matter of popular choice.   

Destination wedding venues in India across various states are rising continuously as per the needs of such destination wedding travelers. And the challenge to a planner is to traverse and meet those “rare-fine” desires. In today’s post I am sharing one pristine location we recently traveler and the environ charm made a first rate impression on my mind. Definitely one of the best kept secrets till date is BEKAL.


On the Kerela west coast, this small town has the rare site of India where backwater, hills and beaches all meets at “one destination”. I presume Bekal as potential wedding destination which is easy to access and explored. The location reach is well connected by Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka road access and two air-ways {check route map} fly options to reach this serene paradise. The backwaters run across the property as seamlessly as the Kappil beach shoreline touches the manicured lawns and landscaped gardens.

Personally I felt couples looking to tie the knot on more of romantic backdrop will be deep down happy to discover the scenic landscape, extensive beaches, numerous estuaries and signature backwaters at Bekal. The experience for us was overwhelming and royal, as we had a wondrous stay at The Lalit, a serene property which was surrounded by a natural backwater from three sides which had beautific internal lagoons. We spend a romantic private dinner well complimented with wines and the choice was worthwhile!



What remained in my memory is the sea-kissed fort of Bekal which felt like walking into the history and I no doubt found it very “adventurous”. Excitement ran through my blood to see those majestic running hill which had all the elements to skill the desires of such dream wedding!

The other venue we took a tour of were equally magnificent was Vivanta by Taj and coming up soon is Westin Bekal Resort & Spa (opening on 1st March 2015). As a wedding venue one might think the option is few to choose from but the unique experience to discover a rare view enables us to live international standards made a notable impression and preference on my mind.

Happy Diwali to all of you !