JABONG.COM: The Online Brand Shop and Beyond

The experience to browse shop is a beneath deep sea adventure drive. {Saying from my experiences} Online shop is not the place for Impulse or casual buying and eventually such buys leads to complaining moods and tons of disappointments. A careful amount of deeds before making a choice makes the difference. 

{An Online Brand Shopper} I am a passionate shopper and when Online, I deep down hunt and shop Brands on offers at best comparable price. One such excitement happened to me this week,sharing with you my shop and product detail in this post.

Six months down the “Just Married” tag, quite a fashion choice which were indifferent then but makes a sense now has made place into my wardrobe. I even realized marriage has made me bit mature, I no more jump on any buy like a obsessed flapper rather take my passionate attempts to finally ensue a better price gain.


{Quick note} If you already don’t know, online shops gives us the opportunity to buy the style which are mostly moved out of retail self’s. But the above was an exception. I saw the same at the Kochi store few days back.

{Picture below} This is how the product arrived to me.


{My Jabong Experience} The Online Shop which is a house to some exclusive international brands personally appeals me with the price bracket best among rest! The team is the online site with a feel of style-crackers and beyond is Jabong.com

{Beyond an Online Shop} You all must be aware of this exclusive initiative of Jabong. The event which invites young and aspiring artists across fields of designs, models, fashion, photography, hairstyle & make-up artistry to be the part of India’s first e-fashion week. I personally also preparing to try my chance to be the part of the initiative.  

{Shopaholic Desire} I am counting on the “Great Online Shopping Festival 2014” which kicks of this December and looking ahead to share my benefit purchases using discounts of Jabong.com.*Hope* it will meet the shopaholic desire at its best !.


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