Wow Wayanad

Even-though at the moment I am living a chaos. Where-in is hectic scenes to prior on like new home, upcoming projects & more,but then I did not wanted to compromise or miss on the opportunity to share with you all about what new in my life this 2015.I am already feeling this new dwelling of mine is like “life in a magical picturesque portrait” here & Is a must share. Magnificent lands of nature wonder where every corner reveals alluring frame. This move feels like a charming dream, where there is so much of peace and beauty around. My eyes engross to stare whenever I peep through the window or step out to look!

We are just 8 days old here and below clicks are the views around the land we will architect our new house. I confess it really do raise my excitement to explore every corner of this serene beauty in detail as we proceed to this new journey.  






This view encourages to weaves fresh hopes and resolutions to cherish inside me. It even assures me that my dreams will meet higher peak than of those hills! On that note I hope you all had a wonderful start to 2015 and chasing happiness to its fullest. Lately though I wish you all a very great year ahead. Stay blessed and follow my journey here.