Flash Back 2014

 Where in we all made the gorgeous move from 2014 to 2015 & certainly aspire to kill their look-book in what’s coming ahead for us in this marvelous year to dress fresh trends and styles. I am someone who does wears classic fashion and prefers personal style as trend setter. But then certainly some hits and miss trends of 2014 has impacts me & deeply turns my favourite.

In this post I am doing a Flash Back 2014 of the trends which were unique and have set the fresh take to our sense of dressing.

  1. I am enjoying every bit of this perfect piece and currently obsessed with the bold red Mini Skirt of mine. Even though I have seen top celebs, stylists and bloggers rock the same in in-different prints and shades, I strongly feels nothing enhances and makes a killer impact then the block colour effect. In case I have to pick any print of it I will go an Aztec.


  1. Retro Hearts is one cute print which is in-trends and I love this “love” effect on me.


  1. This trend so gave a fresh lift to the ongoing brown & black way to sunglasses in our life. It feel amazing to welcome new day in a new pop of shade beauties I own and if you haven’t wore them by now then you definitely don’t relate to what am I talking about ! if you talk about shapes I am currently in no mood to dump those round frames and Soft cat eyes 🙂 of mine.


  1. A Half Moon nail art attempt is something very unique I found as my new nail beauty essential. I just enjoy the results by randomly adding any to colour to achieve this trend.


  1. High Waist–ed Bottoms are very comfortable and needn’t requires your attention to constantly check on the fact whether the low waist pants drops beyond they need to be! I am not much off a crop-top fantasy girl but then this bottom rise trend to match the same is off-course my choice.


  1. I was developing a kind of boredom to wear denim anymore and was about to discard quite a few of them, since I shopped more of pants in different patterns & prints Like floral and monochrome. But then certainly arrived is this cool idea of cut-outs. Now my cropped denims are the one I am living in this winters.

 Stunner styles of 2014


My current favourite


  1. Wearing gold-on is a trend, thanks to such trending I choose to wear gold on my wedding and I no more shy away from dressing my wedding jewellery to combine them to my outfits.


  1. Hot Pink is no more considered loud. I always wish to paint my lip in a “Rani” color but then my sister criticized such wish as nonsense idea and offensive to be spotted as. But now she laughs way what she meant then and even enjoys the same more than me.


  1.  Biker Choli Jacket is a dream creation. I am not aware of the fact that how many of you have actually noticed the same and went excited behind it. But I definitely envy this falguni & shane ethnic style which was part of their Nuitsauge collection.


  1. The most contemporary sleeve is the cap sleeve, Aren’t they just super trendy? Currently I am lusting on for a cap sleeve party dress. 


I am pretty much engrossed in the above mention styles and feels even though the year had all ready set the adieu my love these 2014 trends will be staying beyond and more. Thank you 2014 for being such an fabulous friend in fashion, I have loved every bit of it and cherish these trend loves.

Do let me know your fashion love of 2014 and follow my journey here or social media