Focus Indiana

Time has kept me quiet tugged in horizon activities, frankly speaking this has been the most frantic ride for me and if you have been following this space then you’re aware of why so!

Now-a-days all my wardrobe inspirations and wish-lists to dress/clothing have taken a laid back and all I facing is the everyday juggle to cope the overloaded trend muse. Eventually I am feeling disenchanted to live the style anymore. I guess, we all go through this at some point of time, Isn’t it? Those failed attempts & experience to achieve desired appearances which left us little bizarre.

I challenged myself against the odd cliché myths to dress fashionable and demanded a wise trend focus rather than just re-pining my wardrobe staples to cope the fast fashion. It might sound strange to some but what inspires me through this phase to dress serene is the focus Indiana. #ootd Pictures below i am currently obsessed too. The Styles are comfortable as well as so much of depth to explore.



Eventually my love for dress Indiana is growing and the responses in lamplight are Power Choices making me more confident to go about it. Convener “Amazon India Fashion Week” and “Lakme Fashion Week” has set the mood high by adding variety to the runway. Exploring and highlighting the favourites I am looking forward to add on my outfit planning are below in random order from top to down. Pictures 1 is a design by Ashima & Leena, Picture 2 is a design by Anupama Dayal, Picture 3 L to R Tanvi Kedia, Samant Chauhan and Tanvi Kedia.



Personally for me the deep/darker use of colours, distinct matches of shade/hues and embroidered touches were a sign of a new age fashion that focuses on workmanship rather than star power. {Picture Below} Even though i am not much keen to style them personally,also highlighting the Focus Trend in recent collections were majorly Off-white or Blacks outfits involving intricate emphasis of bright and bold craftsman were used to rock the season and do caught my sight.

Picture1 L to R Nikasha,Tanvi Kedia ,Shilpa Reddy and Picture 2 is a design by Ashima &Leena.




Until next post!

– Love Joei